Cocoon advocates moving to feel better! If movement is pleasurable and stimulates both the body and mind we will feel energised as well as relaxed. In addition, we will feel encouraged and be inspired to keep moving. This is the secret to successful and sustainable exercise.


Cocoon cultivates awareness of sensation so that we become more mindful of how our movement patterns affect our body and wellbeing. This enables us to make choices that can improve our comfort and health. As we practice movement with awareness we become accomplished at allowing the body to find dynamic ease.


Cocoon encourages us to harness the energy of our breath. Each breath brings life energy, every inhalation replenishes and nourishes us, and each exhalation releases all that we no longer need. Each inhalation invites us to open and expand whilst each exhalation allows the us soften and centre. You can experience this flow in your body and your mind. Reconnecting with the flow of the breath enhances and informs our movement experience and brings balance to the mind.


Cocoon teaches movement that is compatible with our human body’s natural structure. Moving in congruence with the way the body is designed to move prevents injury, cultivates alignment and builds strength, flexibility, mobility and stability.


Cocoon respects that each individual has an inner body wisdom and recognises each person as the expert in their own experience. Each body has it’s own unique injury and movement history as well as natural variation in human anatomy and physiology. There is no ‘ideal’ pose or shape. We move our own body in accordance with our own body experience at an intensity level that suits us personally today. We understand that no two moments are the same and no two bodies are exactly alike.


Cocoon inspires us to move with our mind fully engaged in our experience, in this present moment in time. In this way, we create a space for ourselves in which our mind and body are at one, balanced in movement and stillness. We begin to let go of stress, strain, and negative self-talk and re-connect with our innate capacity to open and grow towards our best potential. As we develop our practice we find we are enabled to move through life with an enhanced sense of curiosity, appreciation and compassion, both for ourselves, and for others, and that our experiences of the world are enriched and transformed. Real change begins from within…


Hi, I’m Clare, founder and creator of Cocoon Yoga, I’m passionate about creating a space in which people feel relaxed, replenished and rewarded by their movement choices.

I see many people approaching their body’s from a place of punishment or force, from a relationship of self-rejection or frustration. I believe we were born to move in ways that are inherently pleasurable, that challenge us, that pique our curiosity, that make us smile, that requires a little courage, at a level that is doable for us. In this way we are encouraged and inspired, we avoid injury and we keep at it! Sustainability is the secret of success 🙂

I first discovered yoga twenty years ago whilst pregnant with the first of my three children and came to appreciate its wonderful therapeutic benefits. I found myself looking forward to class and enjoying exercising for the first time since childhood. In 2010 I was introduced to Nia as well as Aerial yoga and this re-kindled my excitement and commitment.

Over the past few years I have been fortunate enough to be taught by, and apprenticed to, yogini Devi Kaur with whom I achieved my Lotus Yoga Certification and Aerial Yoga UK qualification (level 1, 2 & 3) as well as Aerial Yoga Release and Restore.

I was inspired further by the Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga and Advanced Teacher training I undertook with YogaGro, accredited by the Yoga Alliance UK. This provided me with the groundwork out of which Cocoon Yoga for Pregnancy was created and has flourished.

In addition to my Yoga training I am also a 3rd level Nia instructor (White, Green & Blue belt) a progression which has enhanced and enriched my yoga training and visa versa.

I am a registered member of Yoga Alliance Professionals, holding their 200hr certification and a fully licensed Nia instructor. I am insured for professional liability by Yoga Alliance Professionals underwritten by Balens. Check out my page on Yoga Alliance Professionals here.

It is fair to say that my fascination with mind, body, emotion, spirit has even deeper roots than my first encounter with yoga. I studied Psychology and History at University of Edinburgh and graduated 25 years ago with a Masters focusing on understanding women’s reproductive experiences. I went on to train, (but did not work, due to my own babies!) as a midwife. I have also studied and worked voluntarily in the counselling sector and hold a certificate of counselling skills from the University of Cumbria.

In class I cultivate an environment in which we each feel encouraged to tune into sensation so that we begin to move and breathe with more awareness. Moving our body with awareness, enables us to sense, and then adjust, our movement habits, creating new mental pathways to sustainable strength, fitness and flexibility. When we move in ways that unify our body and our mind we are able to reconnect with, restore and balance ourselves holistically, cultivating our own individual potential towards health and growth not just in class but in our everyday lives.

I invite you to join me in creating a space amidst the demands of daily life where we can rediscover a sense of playfulness, openness and curiosity. Like everything else the body thrives when it is nurtured, encouraged and cared for.

When we feel alignment from within we shine from the inside out..

Discover a body you love 🙂