Why, How and the Benefits of Cocoon Yoga Fabrics.

Why –


An Aerial Yoga silk deepens and enriches your yoga practice whilst unleashing your creativity and playfulness!


How –


The silk is a wonderful prop to expand and enhance your yoga practice. It supports the body during traditional yoga poses so that you can surrender more deeply and it also opens up opportunities to explore entirely new postures and flows.

It creates a wonderful space in which to practice meditative and relaxation techniques as you are able to sit or lie down fully ‘Cocooned’ in the fabric.


Benefits –


The grace and fluidity of the fabric combined with a good grounding through gravity encourage the development of core strength, flexibility and balance. In addition, it allows for the body to fully invert whilst facilitating a decompression of the spine & neck.

When I launched my Aerial Yoga studio in 2014 I started a global quest to source the same quality of aerial fabric that I had trained and practised with for years. I imported various bolts of fabric from suppliers around the world before finding the gorgeous fabric we now use at Cocoon. I have been supplying Cocoon hammocks to professional aerial studios across Europe for the past 3 years. The silks are Incredibly strong yet soft, flexible yet stable as well as beautiful and functional; the fabric embodies the same balanced qualities as the yoga positions it supports. The colours are sumptuous and vibrant, each with its own unique energy and the fabrics are machine washable and can even be tumble dried. (on a low heat)

If you’re serious about your aerial play, this fabric has just the right balance of stretch and supportiveness. It is robust and resilient to snagging and laddering (avoid wearing jewellery, zips, clips and buckles during practice) and will lift your spirits as well as your body.


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