It certainly wasn’t love at first flight between aerial yoga and me. It was the winter of 2010 and I approached the studio with a sense of trepidation. I’d never seen such a thing and it all sounded a little bizarre, I mean yoga wrapped in fabric hanging down from the ceiling? Yikes! But my curiosity was piqued and I tentatively tiptoed in.

The space I found myself in was quite beautiful, airy and sun-dappled, and dressed with half a dozen white fabric cocoons suspended from a lofty open beamed ceiling. I felt simultaneously inspired and profoundly out of my depth.

It took a while for me to become accustomed to moving with the hammock, at first I felt a little air sick. The fabric made my tense body feel really, really tight, so I had to learn to allow the hammock to hold me and to let go of my instincts to push or pull my way through. I had to focus and to trust, to be still and to sense, and even though I clearly needed lots of practice; there was enough love to keep me coming back for more…

I loved the sense of freedom I felt as my spine & neck lengthened during upside down time; the delicious release I experienced in my shoulders and hips as I surrendered into the support of the fabric. The sense of accomplishment when fear opened into courage as I rose to what I found most challenging; and the deep sense of calm and peace that developed as I created my own personal time and space within my cocoon. Before I knew it I was creating space not only in my body, but in my mind and in my life too.

The love grew, and flourished into a passion and new pathway. I apprenticed and trained as an aerial yoga teacher with yogini Devi Kaur who created the Chakra Aerial Yoga Technique and founded Aerial Yoga UK. I’ve since become a fully accredited yoga and pregnancy yoga teacher and a licensed blue belt Nia instructor, specialising in women’s health.

You can experience Aerial Yoga for yourself with Clare of Cocoon Yoga on Tuesday evenings  6.15-7.30pm, Wednesday daytimes, 10.45-12.00 (with onsite crèche) and Thursday evenings 7-8.15pm at The Happy Mum’s Foundation, Nr. Scotby.  For more information, you can talk to me via Facebook or visit 

You never know, you might just grow to love it too!