Nia Classes in Cumbria Nia – Movement For Everybody

Summer Timetable 2019

Day Class Time Location Price: Block Booking Info:
Wednesday Nia Movement 12.45 – 13.30 Let’s Dance Studio £6 7 week class card £35
Friday Nia Movement 10:15 – 11:00 Hayton Reading Room (drop in) £6 7 week class card £35
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Nia delivers an holistic fitness experience for Every Body. It empowers people of all shapes, ages and abilities to connect to their body, mind and emotions by paying attention to sensation and moving for pleasure. Nia is uplifting, stimulating, calming and fun; not only will it improve your personal fitness and wellbeing but it makes you feel great!


Nia stands for Non Impact Aerobics, it blends movements from the martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts that are in harmony with the organic design of your body. The movement is energised by inspiring music to stimulate your mind, lift your spirits and condition your body. Suitable for every body – You choose the intensity level that suits your energy level and ability so that you leave feeling rebalanced, revitalised and relaxed.


Nia choreography is based on 52 moves designed to exercise every joint and muscle group in your body encouraging flexibility, agility, mobility, stability and strength. Moving your body at an appropriate intensity level stimulates cardiovascular conditioning. Taking class barefoot provides you with greater sensory feedback, enhancing body awareness and improving balance. Nia teaches you to use your body with greater sensitivity and pleasure and so the benefits flow into and enrich your everyday life.

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At Cocoon Nia classes are 50 minutes long and begin with the setting of a focus. We move through a gentle warm-up section where we explore stability and mobility, a get-moving cycle which incorporates movements that promote flexibility, agility and strength and stimulates our aerobic conditioning. We complete with a cool-down, releasing and softening with the breath, stepping out of the class ready to dance through the rest of the day!


Any clothing that helps you feel happy and allows for free movement is appropriate. Layers are good because the body warms up and cools down during the routine. Bare feet are preferred but yoga socks with grip may be worn if you like. A bottle of water is great to keep the body hydrated (I also have bottled water and yoga socks for sale at class).

Nia can be enjoyed by all including pregnant women and those with disabilities.

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Nia – Attend A Class

Nia is a drop-in class suitable for every body including those that are pregnant, have limited mobility, or no prior experience! If you’d like more information, or you’d like to let me know you are coming, please use the contact form provided.

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