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Cocoon Yoga for Pregnancy creates a space for you to slow down, savour your pregnancy and prepare for the transition ahead. The cocoon provides you with a prop to both hold onto and let go into, and supports you to trust yourself, your body, and your inner wisdom. It teaches you not only to soften and relax, but also to be strong and steady, so that you make your journey through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood at your balanced best. It encourages you to connect inwards to your baby and invites you to connect outwards to others sharing a similar experience.


Cocoon Yoga for Pregnancy is a pregnancy yoga class enhanced by the support of a soft fabric hung close to the ground. You are guided through a yoga practice, especially designed for pregnancy, which effectively releases tension, teaches relaxation and builds confidences and strength. Each week we focus on a different energy and element in the body and every class features simple movements, slow stretches, yoga postures, breath awareness, meditation and relaxation.


Research consistently demonstrates that prenatal yoga delivers a myriad of benefits for both mothers and babies. Statistically significant findings include an increase in infant birth weight, lower incidence of pregnancy complications, shorter duration of labour, and less pain among yoga practitioners. Qualitative studies also report a decrease in pain, improved quality of sleep, increased maternal confidence, and improved interpersonal relationships among pregnant women who practised yoga.


Each class begins with an opportunity to slow down; to connect to your body, your baby and your breath, and to get comfortable with moving in the hammock. We then gradually warm up to more active movements using the floor, the hammock and adapted standing postures. Towards the end of the class, we create a quiet space for learning a simple breathing technique or perhaps, a pelvic floor exercise. We complete our movements with a few soothing and restorative stretches, before finishing with a baby meditation and relaxation.


Mats and props are provided but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. Any comfortable clothing that allows free movement is appropriate. Bare feet may be supplemented with socks if preferred! It is a good idea to come to class well hydrated and having eaten lightly. Cocoon Yoga for Pregnancy is suitable from 14 weeks until full term.



When I launched my Aerial Yoga studio in 2014 I started a global quest to source the same quality of aerial fabric that I had trained and practised on for years. I imported various bolts of fabric from suppliers around the world before finding the gorgeous fabric we now use at Cocoon. Before long, aerial yoga teachers, and students, were asking where they could buy these beautiful, comfortable and supportive hammocks for themselves. I have been supplying Cocoon fabric to professional aerial studios, and aerial yoga practitioners, across Europe for the past 3 years. The silks are incredibly strong yet soft, flexible yet stable, graceful as well as functional; the fabric embodies the same balanced qualities as the yoga positions it supports. The colours are sumptuous and vibrant, each with its own unique energy and the fabrics are machine washable and can even be tumble dried (on a low heat).

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